Post Members Monthly Meeting


A Reminder that the minutes of each meeting, are posted on our web site, [Correspondence and hard copies of Reports are available in the VFW Post files.]



SVC Dzurissin made the following temporary appointments for this meeting:  Comrade  Aukshun – OOD. 

 Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual; meeting opened at 1000 hours.


Commander - Bud St. Onge – Excused

Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin – Present

Junior Vice Commander – Bobby Reyes – Present

Quartermaster – Charlie Spain – Present

Chaplain - James Rodgers – Present

Trustee One – John Messaros –  Present

Trustee Two – Thomas Darkus – Present

Trustee Three – Tim Aukshun –  Present                                          


Adjutant – Charles Spain - Present

Judge Advocate – Thomas Darkus - Present

Surgeon - Rhett Webber Excused

Safety Officer – Rhett Webber – Excused

Service Officer – Bobby Reyes – Present

Elementary Schools Chairman - Roger Limle – Present

Seam Squirrel – Tim Aukshun - Present

National Home/POW/MIA Chairman - Rhett Webber – Excused

There were 12 members in attendance which included Comrade Lagrew from Post 124.

 Senior Vice Commander Dzurissin recognized the following distinguished attendees:  All current and past Seam Squirrels, all past Post Commanders, District Officers and Department Officers.

 READING, REFERRING MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS: Life membership applications for Romulo M Calica (New) and James C. Gibson (Recovered) were voted on and approved pending receipt of payment. Motion Comrade Aukshun, Second Comrade Reyes. Approved

READING OF MINUTES:  The Minutes from the 12 December 2017 meeting have been posted on the Post website and distributed via email.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Comrade Spain.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Reyes. No discussion.  Motion approved.

 QUARTERMASTER’S REPORT:  Comrade Spain reported we finished the month of December slightly better off than when it began, keeping in mind that the special project fund from Don McPherson is included in that total and we still need to decide on a project.

 Comrade Spain made a motion to accept the December report, subject to audit and signatures.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Aukshun. No discussion.  Motion approved.   

 READING OF BILLS: Thankfully None

 SERVICE OFFICER REPORT:  Comrade Reyes made a very detailed report. A summary of that report is attached. It is beneficial to attend the meeting to hear all of the discussion, on all of the topics first hand. There is no way that the Adjutant can include all the discussion in these minutes. See Attached Report

 OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE: A congratulatory email from the Department Commander John Gilbert for the post’s participation in the District being the first District in the Pacific to reach 100% in membership for the 2017-2018 year.

The Flyer for Post 124 Fun Day will be attached.

The next District 7 meeting will be in Baguio Feb 8, 2018, in the Library of the Baguio Country Club. Officers Call 0930     Meeting 1000

 COMRADE OR FAMILY OF A COMRADE IN DISTRESS: Comrade Gaspard toughed it out, fought through the sciatic pain, and managed to drag himself to today’s meeting. He is an example for others to follow. Comrade Webber was having intestinal problems that kept him in Angeles today.


 SURGEON –  Attached


CHAPLAIN – None All’s well.


                                                                                                                                                                          COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN REPORTS:                                                              

 COMMUNITY SERVICE- Summary Attached

SAFETY REPORT  - See attached.


SEAM SQUIRREL: SS Aukshun reported that a Scratch will follow today’s meeting.


POW/MIA – Attached

Membership Committee – The committee consist of the Chairman SVC Comrade Dzurissin, Comrade Spain, and Comrade Reyes.  We have added one New Life member this year. We have approved one New and one Recovered application. We need one more New or Recovered Life member to qualify for a $400 stipend from the District and two New or Recovered Life members to receive an additional $400 from the Department.

 NOTE:  For more information please read all attached committee chairman reports.

 Motion to accept all committee reports made by Comrade Rodgers; seconded by Comrade Aukshun.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

 REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:  A prayer was said in remembrance of our National Home.

 UNFINISHED BUSINESS:   The Children’s Christmas Party was a great success. Thanks go out to Comrade Dzurissin and his wife, Paul Sullivan and his wife, Comrade Spain and his lady, and a special thanks to Comrade Santa Claus, who BTW looked an awful lot like Comrade Aukshun. This was a budgeted item but, Comrades Aukshun and Spain covered the expenses. 

 NEW BUSINESS:  Comrade Aukshun submitted a letter (Attached) from the Baltazar Flores Foundation School requesting assistance in the form of sports equipment, home economics appliances, and science apparatus. BFFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian school in a nearby Barangay. Comrade Aukshun requested that anyone with anything along the lines of the request can bring it to him, or to the next meeting, and he will see that they get it. Comrade Aukshun made a motion that we authorize up to P2500 for this project. Seconded by Comrade Rodgers. Discussed and Approved.

Comrade Sullivan submitted that we use the McPherson Special Project money to assist a school in his locale that needs a new roof and/or a Boy and Girl bathroom w/septic. He will get plans and estimates for our next meeting.

Comrade Reyes asked for input on the upcoming Department Convention Ad. He will head the committee for this. (As he has for many, many, years)





50/50 Total:                1200 pesos

Winner:               Comrade Darkus who donated his winnings to the Post Relief Fund. Thank you Tom.

Winner amount:  600 Pesos

Post amount:       600 pesos

 Buddy Poppies: