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Written by ALbert A. Pjosek on Nov. 11, 2016
If Emory Russell is still around there, tell him that "PJ" said hello. Used to fly with him in the 7th MAS.

Give him and his family our best regards.


Written by Stanley M Krause on Nov. 2, 2016
Does the big hosp up there take Tri Care? What percent is the deductible? Thanks
Stanley Krause
Written by TOM ALDRICH on Oct. 8, 2016
Written by Alberet Pjosek (PJ) on Sep. 26, 2016
Hello, my name is: Albert A. Pjosek Most people know me as PJ. I was reading your Post Past History and read the Emory Russell has past on. Emory and I go back a long ways when he was a flight engineer on C-141s and I was a Loadmaster in the 7th MAS at Travis. Emory left Travis and was assigned to Clark on C-130s with the 374th MAW. I retired in Dec 76 and whet to live in Balibago for almost 18 years. We left the Philippine sApril 94 and Moved Moses lake, Washington State. Anyway i was deeply saddened by what I read. May He Rest In Peace. God Bless His Soul.
Written by Stanley M. Krause on Feb. 23, 2016

Stsnley M. Krause and Rosalinda G. Krause PO box 4324 will be out of country from March 7 until April 27. I would appreciate if you would hold our mail until we return. If you cannot do this please forward to 1206 General Bragg, San Antonio, TX 78245. Thank You Stanley M. Krause
Written by webmaster on Dec. 28, 2015
Re. Braddy. Mike, forwarded your request to Cdr and QM. Come down to our meeting on the 12th.
Written by Michael E. Braddy on Dec. 27, 2015
Hello, would like to know the requirements of being a member here....I am retired USN AOC(AW) 77-98 was a member in Virginia Beach Va. before, but that was back in the 90's am residing in San Juan La Union now permanently
Written by Bill D. on Nov. 6, 2015
Hello all,
I'm a 20 year Air Force veteran who will be leaving 1 Dec for the LA union area. I don't qualify to be a.member of the VFW but look forward to meeting fellow veterans. I plan on spending 4 months in the Philippines and then see from there what happens. Any thoughts or ideas on where to stay short term is appreciated.
Written by E. Pete Brozowski on Sep. 27, 2015
I can't say that I'm surprised to read that La Cantina will be closing, a good experiment that just didn't end as planned. I was dropping by for lunch with my family on Saturday's whenever possible, we'll miss the ritual.

For those who made the effort to keep La Cantina alive a well done, you did a class job.
Written by Anthony Grimm on Aug. 25, 2015
As District Chaplain it is my responsibility to notify the Department Chaplain of any deaths of VFW comrades in District 7 Philippines. If you have any deaths of members please pass on this information to me. I need the name Post he was a member of Post office he held if any,If member was a Cootie what his Cootie number was and what Pup Tent he was a member o Date and where the member was buried. Date of death and cause of death. Who if the member had spouse the name of the spouse. his aged when he passed on.The members Branch of Military Service, Era when the individual served in the military Date of service the member served. Retired/Highest Rank held in the US Military. Lastly the person making the report from the Post. This information will be forwarded to the Department of Pacific Areas so they can get this information to the National level So that member can be honored for his service to our nation by VFW National. You can email me this information at or

Thank you for your assistance on this matter
Anthony P Grimm
District 7 Chaplain
Written by C. Spain on Apr. 20, 2015
I did know Chuck Fiske in Combat Comm. I clicked on that email address but it is restricted access.
Written by Chuck Fiske on Apr. 19, 2015
Just wondering if Chuck Spain is the same Chuck Spain I knew in Combat Comm at Clark....
Written by jack o'donnelly on Dec. 28, 2014
Great chili at the cantina recently, but it caused a little heartburn and stomach gas. No sooner was I done and ended up ripping out a 30 second fart and I continued farting x2 days.
Written by Foxy on Dec. 22, 2014
Tell Chuck spain to be on the look out for a samll package
Written by Jim Truman, Life Member Post 9892 on Dec. 2, 2014
Outstanding Post History. I was saddened to read about all of our fellow Comrades who have made the final call over the years that I did not know about. I sell the patch that is part of the History Presentation and if anyone would like one please let me know. It comes in 848 AC&W and Det 6/OLF 1961 Comm Group versions. I helped design the patch with the help of my fellow veteran friend MSgt Charles Barnes USAF, Ret.