Post Members Monthly Meeting


Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Col. B. J. Smith VFW Post 9892

Paradise Inn Beach Resort

Purok 7, San Francisco, San Fernando City

 2500, La Union, Philippines




 MONTHLY MINUTES FOR:  11 December 18

Commander Reyes made the following temporary appointments for this meeting: 

Comrade Dzurissen – OOD

Thomas Darkus – Chaplain

 Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual; meeting opened at 1000 hours.


Commander – Bobby Reyes – Present

Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin – Present

Junior Vice Commander – Tim Aukshun – Present

Quartermaster –Charlie Spain– Present

Chaplain - James Rodgers – Absent

Trustee One – Tom Darkus – Present

Trustee Two –Fred Russian–Present

Trustee Three –John Mesaros – Present


Adjutant – Bud St. Onge - Present

Judge Advocate – Thomas Darkus - Present

Surgeon - Rhett Webber--Present

Safety Officer – Rhett Webber – Present

Service Officer – Bobby Reyes – Present

Elementary Schools Chairman - Roger Limle – Present

Seam Squirrel – Rhett Webber - Present

National Home/POW/MIA Chairman - Rhett Webber – Present

 There were 12 members in attendance.

 Commander Reyes recognized the following distinguished attendees:  All current and past

Seam Squirrels, Post Commanders, District Officers and Department Officers.


 Johnny Gross: Vietnam, transfer from VFW Post 11447 to VFW 9892.  Motioned accept membership made by Comrade Spain; seconded by Comrade Brozowski.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

READING OF MINUTES:  The Minutes from the November 2018 meeting have been posted on the Post website and distributed via email.  It was noted that the attachments to the November Meeting were missing.  These attachments will be added to the minutes to the December Meeting.  A motion to accept the minutes as distributed and posted was made by Comrade Spain, seconded by Comrade Webber. No discussion.  Motion approved.

QUARTERMASTER’S REPORT: The Posts financial status was read by Comrade Spain. All programs are adequately funded indicating that our financial status is good.  Income and projected expenses were also discussed with no immediate concerns.  Comrade Brozowski made a motion to accept the quartermaster’s report, subject to audit.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Reyes, No discussion, motion approved.



  • Lorma Hospital still does not bill FMP directly due to slow payments by FMP.  VAOPC Manila is still aware of this issue and will be brought up again at the next Teleconference.

  • DPA has approved to replenish the DPA Veterans’ Assistance Fund to aid veterans.

  • DPA Commander Mike Verville who is also the Department Veterans’ Service Officer says that he can check on members who have the VFW as their VSO. Otherwise they will need to fill out a Power of Attorney.  He has an assistant named Mitch working for him.


COMRADE OR FAMILY OF A COMRADE IN DISTRESS:  Daniel Cimo is being treated at The Medical City- Clark since last month.


SURGEON –Report Attached



HISTORIAN –Records are being validated


COMMUNITY SERVICE: We way ahead in our Community Service reporting.  Continue performing community service and document your monthly participation by submitting to Junior Vice Commander Aukshun.   Be sure to provide the number of volunteers, number of hours worked, number of miles traveled and the total amount spent.  Send to  Keep up the good work.

SAFETY REPORT - See attached


  • We continue to support four schools in the Bauang area, San Augustin, Bawanta, Canapay and De Guzman.  Comrade  Limle and his wife shop for these school supplies each month.  In November they spent 114,304 pesos on school supplies, traveling 1440 Km with the Total time spent of 376 hours.  A special thanks to Roger Limle and his wife Emily for their contribution and efforts to support the VFW goal to help the community..


  • Seam Squirrel Webber reports that the Pup Tent did very well from the donations received from auctioning the items received from members to include Comrade Jim Kelly.

  • Cootie Membership needs one more member to reach 100% +1.

  • There will be a Cootie Scratch following this meeting.

NATIONAL HOME – See attached

POW/MIA – See attached

  • CCO:  Chili Cook off chairman Spain gave a detailed report of the results of our Chili Cookoff held on Saturday, November 24th.  This is the first year this event was held at the Blu Water Beach Resort and recreational park.  The overall event was very successful with a very good turnout of people attending.  It was a learning experience for everyone involved.  And it must also be noted that the Resort is still under construction but they were able to accommodate the event for us.  We are anticipating having the event there next year and with the resort restaurant and rooms completed.  The event was a big success for the post with all monies going to support the various VFW programs.  A big thank you to Comrade Spain for organizing this event and the many members that assisted.  The results of the best Chili competition is listed below:

 First Place:  American Legion post 4

Second Place:  VFW Post 124

Third Place:  Putp Tent 11, VFW Post 11447

 We have more calendars available as we had to get more because of popular demand.

 NOTE:  For more information regarding the committee reports, see the attachments.

Motion to accept all committee reports made by Comrade Aukshun, seconded by Comrade Weber, some discussion, motion approved.

 REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:  A prayer was said by Appointed Chaplain, Comrade Darkus in remembrance of our National Home.


  • We are moving forward with the McPherson fund project to make improvements to the school in Barangay Baroro, Bacnotan, La Union.  The scope of work is to construct a visitor’s comfort station located at the Barangay Auditorium of Baroro.  This will allow them to provide proper services to its constituents and visitors during school events.  We will work together with the school to complete this project.  Upon receipt of funding from the school Comrade Spain will request a grant from the VFW National office, which will provide us with adequate funds to begin this project.  A plaque will be erected in the name of our their deceased son, Pat McPherson.  A portion of this project is being funded by the generous donation of the McPherson family.


  • A Christmas party will be provided to children ages 2 to 10 years old at Paradise Inn Beach Resort on December 23rd from 10 am to 12 noon.  Donated toys will be distributed to the children.

  • It was agreed that community services should be provided within the local geographic area. 


  • A ceremony was conducted at VFW Post 2485 on December 7th to commemorate Pearl Harbor Day.  Post 9892 members were in attendance.

  • Commander Reyes reminds members that we will be having a Post 9892 Christmas Luncheon at P&M Final Option at 1:00 pm today.  The post will cover the first P500 of each member’s bill.

  • Christmas Party for the kids is scheduled for December 23 at 1000-1200, Paradise Inn Beach Resort.  Eligible children for this event with Santa Claus are aged 2-10 years old.  Santa’s helpers are requested.

  • Our membership stats.  We are 36th nationally in our Division 4 category.









Prior Year







Prior Annual


N/R %


















0.43 %

  • Comrades,  Keep the press on membership.  Ask; you never know if anybody is interested in joining unless you give them an opportunity to say yes...or no.

    Comrade Reyes suggests that we have a membership drive and set up a booth at CSI around the first of the month to be determined.  It looks like it will cost us @P3000 to have a booth set up at CSI for one day.  A request was made to SVC Dzurissin to request membership material from DPA SVC Farris.  CDR Reyes will see how much it costs for a table cover and banner to be made.  We are looking at first weekend of February or March.

  • Commander Reyes suggested that we have a Memorial Day pot luck or party, at Isla Bonita after we put flags on the graves of veterans on Memorial Day, May 27th 2019 (last Monday of May)…we can even reschedule our meeting for that Monday vice on that Tuesday.

  • FRA 367 gave us 25 tickets at P500 each for a jackpot of P100,000 for their Chili Cook Off in April.  If any member is interested in purchasing one or more of these raffle tickets, contact CDR Reyes.

  • VFW-124 will be hosting their Golf Tournament on February 6 with their hosting of the District 7 Meeting on February 7.

  • Commander Reyes suggests that we possibly change the date of the Chili Cook-off to coincide with the DPA CofA, where we could host the DPA CofA as well as the Chili Cook-Off.  Something to think about for discussion later.

  • Commander Reyes encourages all post members to follow/friend the two DPA Facebook Pages:  "DPA Official Communications" and "DPA Around the Pacific" and to sign up for the VFW Action Weekly on to get up to date information on what the VFW is doing on the legislative front.

  • There will be a ceremony in Balangiga to celebrate the return of the Bells of Balangiga to the San Lorenzo de Martir Parish Church.  If a member is interested in attending they can catch alight out of Manila to Tacloban, hire a van for the 2-3 hour trip, then return and catch a flight back to Manila late evening.

  • There were six VFW Post 9892 comrades in attendance at the CofA in Angeles City. Points brought up at the CofA were:

    1. The Saipan Relief fund is due to close on December 23, 2018.  So far they have $125,000 collected with 10 claims.  Tinian so far has 100% no running water and electrical power, whereas Saipan has 2/3 under power and water.  The Department Convention is still scheduled.

    2. Posts need to get their “colored” advertisements into Pete Callaghan by March 30

    3. Those attending the DPA Convention in Saipan need to reserve their rooms on the DPA Website as the rooms are going for $100/night.  If you order through the hotel or through an on-line hotel Website as Hotels or Agoda then you will pay $170/night.  The hotel name is Fiesta Resort and Spa.  The local post will provide transportation to Convention for attendees from the airport to the hotel.

    4. There is a big push for members in-country to enroll in Phil Health.

    5. We have an AED, just need to have a battery and some paddles, as there is a push to hopefully get all posts in District 7 with an AED.

    6. All post members that have a DPA E-mail account can ask Comrade Brian Hamic or Shawn Watson to set up their account to automatically go to your own personal E-mail account.

    7. Deadlines for DPA Outstanding Awards are March 15 and for National Community Service Awards it’s March 25.

    8. Members at home or away can watch our post meetings live, through “What’s App” and other sites.  We are authorized to get a VFW Grant to set things up.  This would be a great way to communicate, live, with other members worldwide at our meetings.

  • Special Events this Month until the next meeting:

    1. December 23:  Children’s Christmas Party

    2. December 25:   Christmas Day

    3. January 1:  New Year’s Day

 50/50 DRAWING:  Total 1200 pesos. The winner was Comrade Spain (P600 pesos).  The Post will receive 600 pesos.

BUDDY POPPY:  250 pesos, which will go into the Post Relief Fund.

Meeting closed at 1130 hours in accordance with VFW ritual.  The next Col B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 meeting will be 8 Jan 19 @ 10:00 a.m. at Paradise Inn, Acapulco Beach, San Francisco, San Fernando City, La Union.


 /s/ Wayne “Bud” St. Onge                                     Robert "Bobby" Reyes

              Adjutant                                                             Commander