Post Members Monthly Meeting


Col. B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892

Km 264 Natl. Hwy., #473 Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, 2501, La Union, Philippines


 Reminder that the minutes of each meeting, are posted on our web site, [Correspondence and hard copies of Reports are available in the VFW Post Office files.]


MONTHLY MINUTES FOR: 10 October 2017


Commander St. Onge made the following temporary appointments for this meeting:  ComradeDzurissin – OOD. 


 Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual; meeting opened at 1000 hours.




Commander - Bud St. Onge - Present


Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin –Present


Junior Vice Commander – Bobby Reyes-Present


Quartermaster – Charlie Spain–Present


Chaplain - James Rodgers –Present


Trustee One – John Mesaros –   Present


Trustee Two – Tom Darkus–Present


Trustee Three – Tim Aukshun–Present                                          




Adjutant – Charles Spain - Present


Judge Advocate – Thomas Darkus - Present


Surgeon - Rhett Webber –Present


Safety Officer – Rhett Webber –Present


Service Officer – Bobby Reyes – Present


Elementary Schools Chairman - Roger Limle –Present


Seam Squirrel – Tim Aukshun - Present


National Home/POW/MIA Chairman - Rhett Webber – Present


There were 12members in attendance. In addition to the Usual Suspects Fred Russian, John Lagrew, and Art Gaspard came out to play with us today.


 Post Commander St.Onge recognized the following distinguished attendees:  All current and past Seam Squirrels, all past Post Commanders, District Officers and Department Officers.


 READING, REFERRING MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS: Confirmed Life Membership for Fred Russian. Tim Aukshun presented his son’s application for life membership. It will be reviewed by the committee and voted on at November’s meeting.


READING OF MINUTES:  The Minutes from the September 2017meeting have been posted on the Post website and distributed via email.  A motion to accept theminutes was made by Comrade Spain.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Aukshun. No discussion.  Motion approved.




Comrade Spain made a motion to accept the September report, subject to audit and signatures.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Rodgers. No discussion.  Motion approved.   




 SERVICE OFFICER REPORT: Comrade Reyes spoke on the Foreign Medical Program and the latest possibility of certain actions that could be taken by various political factions regarding veteran’s benefits.  The bottom line is; follow the news on line and formulate your own opinion. You can always contact your state’s representatives and senators to express your concerns.


 OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE: The schedule of events for the December C of A in Cebu will be attached. Go to the DPA Website to register.


 COMRADE OR FAMILY OF A COMRADE IN DISTRESS: Comrade Ocampo is at home recovering. His family is very grateful for the assistance we provided. Comrade Keller is also at home planning his next attack on the nursing staff of Notre Dame Hospital. It was nice to see Comrade Webber in attendance at today’s meeting. He was looking well, at least weller( that’sOklahomeese for better) than the last time anyone saw him. We wish all our recovering comrades improved health.






 SURGEON –See Attached Report


JUDGE ADVOCATE - Things look good. No one took a knee at today’s meeting.


CHAPLAIN –Offered a quick prayer for the Las Vegas victims.


HISTORIAN –Our history is in the computer and updated as needed.


 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN REPORTS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


 COMMUNITY SERVICE-Comrade Reyes We are up to date and doing OK but, we need to submit our activities for the post to receive credit for all the good work we do as individuals. There are some comrades who are involved in local sporting activities. These actions qualify under the sports category. Please submit them.


SAFETY REPORT - See attached.


ELEMENTARY SCHOOL & MICHAEL MURPHY MEMORIAL FUND: P80,700 worth of school supplies are ready for delivery for the November semester. See attached report.


SEAM SQUIRREL:SS Aukshun A scratch will follow today’s meeting.




POW/MIA –Attached


CCO Committee –Comrade Gaspard stated the wood carver in Baguio has been given the drawings for the CCO. He paid P7500 up front for the carvings, etc. We hope the cook off makes enough money to repay comrade Gaspard for his largesse. Comrade Spain briefed that invitation letters have been distributed, five entrants have responded so far. Raffle tickets will be passed out after today’s meeting. Don’t run off. You have ten tickets to either buy or sell. Tickets are P500. We only print 200 tickets. The winner will receive P50,000.  Please bring payment to the next meeting.


Membership Committee – The committee consist of the Chairman SVC Comrade Dzurissin, Comrade Spain, and Comrade Reyes.Submit membership applications in sufficient time for the committee to review prior to a meeting.


 NOTE:  For more information please read all attached committee chairman reports.


 Motion to accept all committee reports made by ComradeRodgers; seconded by Comrade Aukshun.  No discussion.  Motion approved.


 REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:  A prayer was said in remembrance of our National Home.






Comrade Webber will purchase a wreath for presentation at the Veterans Day observance at Clark Cemetery. (Budgeted item)


Once again Comrades Reyes and Aukshun will dispatch to the local cemeteries to clean veteran’s graves and honor our fallen comrades. Contact Bobby or Tim to coordinate times.


During the District Meetings our Commander, Bud St. Onge, stands and reads our activities report. We often pale in comparison to other posts in the district. We do so much work, in our communities, that goes unmentioned. Please give the commander some inputs for his report so that others can appreciate all that we do as individuals and as a post.


 GOOD OF THE ORDER:  Comrade Spain shared that he learned the VES was a legitimate service and not a Phishing Scam. He put the email in his spam folder and the VARO in Manila cancelled his appointment and closed his claim because he didn’t respond in time. Comrade Darkus commented that there were two doctors handling VES examinations, one in Cabanatuan and one in Alabang. This makes it inconvenient and expensive for veterans to receive their disability exams. Comrade Webber reported that the VA was currently looking at 8 or 9 clinics to become certified and available to veterans.




50/50 Total: P1200 pesos


Winner:    Comrade Spain At the behest of Chaplain Rodgers, donated his winnings back to the post relief fund.


Winner amount:   600 Pesos


Post amount:        600 Pesos


 Buddy Poppies: P400


P400 was donated for Buddy Poppies which will go into the Post Relief Fund.


 Meeting closed at 1056 hours in accordance with VFW ritual with 12 members present.  The next Col B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 meeting will be 14 November @ 10:00 a.m. at Paradise Inn, Acapulco Beach, San Francisco, San Fernando City, La Union.




/s/Charlie Spain                                      /s/Wayne "Bud" St. Onge


     Adjutant                                                 Commander






Cc: Post Members 


       Adjutant’s File