Post Members Monthly Meeting


Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Col. B. J. Smith VFW Post 9892

Paradise Inn Beach Resort

Purok 7, San Francisco, San Fernando City

 2500, La Union, Philippines






Commander Reyes made the following temporary appointments for this meeting: 

Comrade Dzurissin– OOD

 Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual; meeting opened at 1015 hours.


Commander – Bobby Reyes – Present

Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin – Present

Junior Vice Commander – Tim Auckshun– Excused

Quartermaster –Charlie Spain– Present

Chaplain - James Rodgers – Present

Trustee One – Tom Darkus – Present

Trustee Two –Fred Russian–Present

Trustee Three –John Mesaros – Present                                          


Adjutant – Bud St.Onge - Present

Judge Advocate – Thomas Darkus - Present

Surgeon - Rhett Webber--Present

Safety Officer – Rhett Webber – Present

Service Officer – Bobby Reyes – Present

Elementary Schools Chairman - Roger Limle – Present

Seam Squirrel – Rhett Webber - Present

National Home/POW/MIA Chairman - Rhett Webber – Present

There were 12 members in attendance.

Commander Reyes recognized the following distinguished attendees:  All current and past Seam Squirrels, all past Post Commanders, District Officers, Department Officers and our special quest, Comrade Alex Fores, District VII Commander.

READING, REFERRING MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS:  We have 3 approved new members that will be added to our Post membership:  Al Marker (transfer from Subic), Andrew Parker (transfer from Subic), and Daniel Seino (transfer from Cebu), effective 1 July.   Nominated for approval by Comrade Spain and seconded by Comrade Rogers.  Discussion ensued. Motion approved.

READING OF MINUTES:  The Minutes from the May 2018 meeting have been posted on the Post website and distributed via email.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Comrade Spain.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Webber. No discussion.  Motion approved.

QUARTERMASTER’S REPORT: We continue to operate efficiently and will finish this year in the black.  We are looking forward to another productive year during the 2018/2019 term which begins on 1 Jul 18

Comrade Spain made a motion to accept the QM Report, as audited.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Webber. No discussion.  Motion approved.   


SERVICE OFFICER REPORT:  Commander Reyes advises to read the recently published VA Mission Act of 2018 that was posted on our Facebook Page and sent out via E-mail to post members.   It explains changes within the VA.  A feasibility study is now being conducted by the VA for consideration to build a VA hospital some place in the Pacific Areas Territories. Also, expanded eligibility for VA's Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers to veterans with a serious injury incurred or aggravated in the line of duty in the active military, naval, or air service on or before May 7, 1975, during the 2year period following the date on which the VA Secretary submits to Congress a certification that VA has fully implemented the information technology system required by section 302(a) of the bill. After the date that is 2 years after the date on which the certification is submitted, eligibility would be expanded to also include veterans with a serious injury incurred or aggravated in the line of duty in the active military, naval, or air service after May 7, 1975, and before September 11, 2001.  Additionally, a requirement to have VA payments to be 30 days or less for electronic invoices and 45 days or less for paper invoices.  There will be more information provided on this endeavor in the future.

Comrade Webber advised us that if are going to seek medical treatment in Guam Naval Hospital, you must make an appointment in advance.  And if your medical treatments will require housing then 60 days advance notice is recommended to ensure you have a room.


COMRADE OR FAMILY OF A COMRADE IN DISTRESS:  Comrade Joe Dager  continues to recover from a heart related ailment.  Recovery time is expected to be about 6 months.  We wish him well and hope for a fast recovery.


SURGEON –Report Attached



HISTORIAN –Up to date

   COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN REPORTS:                                                              

COMMUNITY SERVICE: We continue to do well in performing community service.  Document you monthly participation and submit to Comrade Aukshun.  Keep up the good work.

SAFETY REPORT - See attached.  Also, while north of Barrio Barretto, do not park on the side of the highway due to road repairs.  You will be ticketed.


SEAM SQUIRREL: See attached.  Presentation of plaques and awards at the scratch.

NATIONAL HOME – See attached

POW/MIA – See attached.  The US is now searching other islands in the Pacific for MIA remains.

CCO – Comrade Spain advises that we have four proposed locations for this year's Chili Cook Off event.  One of which is Bali Hai.  Bali Hai is now under new ownership but still operating until renovations will begin.  If an agreement can be reached with the new owners to have our event this year, then we will give this a strong endorsement.  We are also in discussion with three other locations in Bauang.  We expect to make a final decision on where our venue will be held, next month.

NOTE:  For more information please read all attached committee chairman reports.

Motion to accept all committee reports made by Comrade Webber; seconded by Comrade Darkus.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:  A prayer was said by Chaplain Rodgers in remembrance of our National Home.


Below is the list of elected and appointed officers of Post 9892 for the new term.

Commander: Comrade Robert Reyes

Senior Vice Commander: Comrade Andrew Dzurissin

 Junior Vice Commander: Comrade Timothy Aukshun 

 Trustee #1: Comrade Tom Darkus

Trustee #2: Comrade Fredrick Russian

Trustee #3: Comrade John Mesaros

Adjutant:  Comrade Bud St Onge

Judge Advocate:  Comrade Tom Darkus

Surgeon: Comrade Rhett Webber

Service Officer:  Comrade Bobby Reyes

The following Elected Officers were sworn in by District VII Commander Fores.

Quartermaster: Comrade Charles Spain

Chaplin: Comrade James Rodgers


A fund raiser BBQ will be held at the Paradise Inn Resort for the La Union Hash Harriers on June 30, 2018.  All proceeds will go to the Post.  Volunteers are needed to assist in cooking and food service.


The Department of Pacific Areas has two Facebook pages, "DPA Around the Pacific"   and "VFW Department of Pacific Areas".  Sign up and you will be able to see what is going on throughout the VFW Department of the Pacific Areas.

Don’t forget sign up for the "Action Corps Weekly" on

50/50 DRAWING:  Total 1200 pesos. The winner was Comrade Spain (600 pesos).

BUDDY POPPY:  P360 which will go into the Post Relief Fund.

Meeting closed at 1130 hours in accordance with VFW ritual.  The next Col B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 meeting will be 10 Jul 18 @ 10:00 a.m. at Paradise Inn, Acapulco Beach, San Francisco, San Fernando City, La Union.

  /s/ Wayne “Bud” St.Onge                                     /s/ Robert "Bobby" Reyes

              Adjutant                                                                  Commander