Post Members Monthly Meeting


Col. B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892

Km 264 Natl. Hwy., #473 Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, 2501, La Union, Philippines


 Reminder that the minutes of each meeting, are posted on our web site, [Correspondence and hard copies of Reports are available in the VFW Post Office files.]


MONTHLY MINUTES FOR: 12 December 2017

Commander St. Onge made the following temporary appointments for this meeting:  Comrade Dzurissin – OOD. 

 Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual; meeting opened at 1000 hours.


Commander - Bud St. Onge – Present

Senior Vice Commander - Andrew Dzurissin – Present

Junior Vice Commander – Bobby Reyes – Excused

Quartermaster – Charlie Spain – Present

Chaplain - James Rodgers – Present

Trustee One – John Messaros – Excused

Trustee Two – Thomas Darkus – Present

Trustee Three – Tim Aukshun – Present                                          


Adjutant – Charles Spain - Present

Judge Advocate – Thomas Darkus - Present

Surgeon - Rhett Webber Excused

Safety Officer – Rhett Webber – Excused

Service Officer – Bobby Reyes – Excused

Elementary Schools Chairman - Roger Limle – Present

Seam Squirrel – Tim Aukshun - Present

National Home/POW/MIA Chairman - Rhett Webber – Excused

There were 10 members in attendance. It was nice to see Paul Sullivan and Ben Patterson at the meeting. Fred Russian, now one of the usual suspects, took his familiar seat. It is really nice when members who live so far away go out of their way to attend the meeting. Thank you.

 Commander St.Onge recognized the following distinguished attendees:  All current and past Seam Squirrels, all past Post Commanders, District Officers and Department Officers.

 READING, REFERRING MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS: Don Aukshun’s Lifetime membership is being processed.

READING OF MINUTES:  The Minutes from the 14 November 2017 meeting have been posted on the Post website and distributed via email.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Comrade Spain.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Rodgers. No discussion.  Motion approved.

 QUARTERMASTER’S REPORT:  Comrade Spain advised of us our slightly improving financial condition, thanks in most part by a very successful Chili Cook Off.

 Comrade Rodgers made a motion to accept the November report, subject to audit and signatures.  Motion was seconded by Comrade Aukshun. No discussion.  Motion approved.   

 READING OF BILLS: Thankfully None

 SERVICE OFFICER REPORT: No report. Comrade Reyes is still in route for his return from the C of A.


 COMRADE OR FAMILY OF A COMRADE IN DISTRESS: Dave Ransom is not doing well. He is in need of surgery to his spine and is looking into the possibility of having it done at The Medical City Clark. Art Gaspard was unable to attend today’s meeting due to a sciatica flair up in his leg, and he is reduced to using a walker. Now that’s not a pretty picture. Comrade Webber returned yesterday from the C of A and, we understand that it would not be prudent of him to try and make the trip up here. Rest up old friend and we’ll see you next month. For those comrades out there, for whom we never receive a report, we still care about your welfare and hope your conditions improve.


 SURGEON – none


CHAPLAIN – None - All’s well.

HISTORIAN – Keepin things up to date as usual.

                                                                                                                                                                          COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN REPORTS:                                                              

 COMMUNITY SERVICE- Comrade Reyes Not available to report



SEAM SQUIRREL: SS Aukshun reported that the Pre-CCO social netted P5000. 70 People were in attendance, and a good time was had by all. No Scratch today.


POW/MIA – None

CCO Committee – Comrade Spain reported that we had the most successful Chili Cook Off in recent history. He thanked everyone for a great team effort. Many things were donated, and many people volunteered to run vital activities during the CCO. A very special thank you to Emile, the spouse of Comrade Limle.  For 25 years Emile has recruited, prepped, and supervised the Miss Chili Pepper contestants.

Membership Committee – The committee consist of the Chairman SVC Comrade Dzurissin, Comrade Spain, and Comrade Reyes.  No new applications but, we will be processing the Life Membership for Comrade Aukshun’ son. Comrade Dave Ransom has also indicated he may purchase a life membership for his son.

 NOTE:  For more information please read all attached committee chairman reports.

 Motion to accept all committee reports made by Comrade Rodgers; seconded by Comrade Aukshun.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

 REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:  A prayer was said in remembrance of our National Home.

 UNFINISHED BUSINESS:    None The Chili Cook Off is put to bed for another year.

 NEW BUSINESS:  It was voted and approved to hold a children’s Christmas Party 23 December 9AM to 11AM for Barangay San Francisco children ages 2 to 8 at Paradise In Beach Resort. Comrade John Kelly has mailed a box of toys but, the box has not cleared Philippine customs yet. Comrade Spain has purchased lots of goodies and, will only charge the Post for what is used. We will purchase drinks locally and Comrade Aukshun will once again serve as you know who. This is a budgeted item. Comrade Spain will make up for any shortfalls we may experience. Comrade Aukshun has a fistful of new twenty peso notes that he plans to hand out to the children.

 GOOD OF THE ORDER:  Commander St Onge briefed us on upcoming changes to the Phil Health program.


50/50 Total:                1000 pesos

Winner:               Comrade St Onge

Winner amount:  500 Pesos

Post amount:       500 pesos

 Buddy Poppies:

P350 was donated for Buddy Poppies which will go into the Post Relief Fund.

 Meeting closed at 1040 hours in accordance with VFW ritual with 10 members present.  The next Col B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 meeting will be 12 December 2017 @ 10:00 a.m. at Paradise Inn, Acapulco Beach, San Francisco, San Fernando City, La Union.

 /s/Charlie Spain                                      /s/Wayne "Bud" St. Onge

     Adjutant                                                 Commander