MOC Pup Tent 7 Scratch

  Military Order of the Cooties

Pup Tent 7, KUTO

Bauang, La Union, Philippines

 Minutes of irregularly scheduled Scratch

VFW Post 2485 Angeles
 City, Pampanga, PhilippinesVFW Post 2485 Angeles City, Pampanga, PhilippinesVFW
 Post 2485 Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines


Col. B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892

Km 264 Natl. Hwy., #473 Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, 2501, La Union, Philippines


Scratch Called to Dis-Order:  By SS Bobby Reyes on, 14 March 20217 @ 1130 am.

 Roll Call of Shave Tails :(See Attached roster) Absentees noted. Cootie 00 POW.   The remaining cooties were either excused, missing or absent for this scratch. 11 Cooties were absent for this Scratch.

 Reading, referring, membership Applications:  VFW Post 9892 Life Member David Camillo was referred for membership to this Crummy Fraternity by Sky Pilot John LaGrew.  Application was read and a vote was taken.  He was found to be lousy and his name has been placed on our Honor Roll.  He will present himself at a proper time to receive the applications of Sulphur Ointment of Happiness.  

 Reading of Minutes:  Seam Squirrel Reyes advises to read our minutes online anytime, but usually right before the meeting, when they finally get published at   Cootie Spain seconded a motion to accept the 14 February 2017 minutes as posted on the VFW Post 9892 Website and Cootie Webber made the motion.  No discussion.  Disapproved!

 Cootie or Family member in Distress 

  1. Jim Rodgers fell down and will be seeing a doctor.
  2. Emily Limle is feeling ill.

 C.C.D.B. Report: CCDB Mesaros presented his CCDB report for January and February.  CCDB Mesaros made a motion to accept the CCDB reports as audited. Cootie Spain made the motion.  No Discussion.  Disapproved!

 Reading of Communications:  Received official communications to support sponsoring an advertisement in the Supreme Convention booklet.  An advertisement would cost $100.  This is in addition to our commitment to the Grand’s Convention booklet.  Cootie Aukshun seconded a motion to support an advertisement in the Supreme Convention Booklet.  Cootie Spain made the motion.  No Discussion.  Disapproved.

 Committee Reports:    Seam Squirrel Reyes reiterates that we need two members to reach our minimum goal of 100% plus 1. 

 Hospital:   Cootie Webber reports that we are over 100% as of the month of February of our targeted goal for the year.  A reminder to remember to log in your hospital visits with Cootie Webber.

 Diaper Program:  None.

 Blind School:  Nothing to report.

 Booster Report:  None

 Medal of Honor:  None

 Cootie Webber seconded a motion to accept the Committee reports as read; motioned by Cootie Aukshun.  No discussion; disapproved!

 National Home: We prayed for greater participation in our meetings.

 Reading of Bills:   None 

 Unfinished Orders of the Scratch:  

  1. SS Reyes reports that awards are being made for Minda Alatas and Erlinda La Grew.
  2. C.C.D.B. has sent in the application for Cootie Spain to be our delegate at the Supreme Scratch in Louisiana.
  3. SS Reyes, BB Spain and CCDB Mesaros will be representing “Kutos” Pup Tent 7 and Col B J Smith VFW Post 9892 at the FRA 367 Chili Cook-Off at FRA 367, San Antonio, Zambales in April 8, 2017. 
  4. We will be sponsoring a Cootie Swarm and Social in April 18, 2017 at Footlights; 1400 to 1600.  Cost will be P400.

 New Orders of the Scratch:  See Reading of Communications of these Minutes of the Scratch above.

 Good of the Scratch:

  1. Elections were held for the new PT7 officers for the next season.  With the following results:

Seam Squirrel (Commander-SS): Tim Aukshun; Blanket Bum (Senior Vice Commander-BB): Charlie Spain; Hide Gimlet (Junior Vice Commander-HG): Bud St Onge; Custodian of the Crummy Duffle Bag (CCDB): John Mesaros; Tightwad (TW) 3: Bobby Reyes.  Cootie Webber moves to TW1 and Cootie Darkus moves to TW2.

  1. Newly elected Seam Squirrel Aukshun made the following appointments: Hungry Cootie (Adjutant-HC)  Bud St Onge; Provost Marshall (Officer of the Day-PM): Charlie Spain; Jimmy Legs (Officer of the Guard-JL): Bobby Reyes; Sky Pilot (Chaplain-SP): John LaGrew; Shyster (Judge Advocate-S): Rhett Webber; Keeper of the Lousy Records (KLR)(Historian-KLR): Bobby Reyes; Pill Pusher (Surgeon-PP): James Rodgers;; Hospital Chairperson: Rhett Webber.
  2. Installation of the officers was performed with Past Seam Squirrel Art Gaspard presiding as Installation Officer.   The Shavetails thus elected or appointed and installed shall assume the duties of their respective offices immediately upon the installation of the Grand Commander at the Grand Scratch on June 15, 2017 held in Subic Bay, Zambales, the Philippines.
  3. Seam Squirrel Reyes re-reminds the Pup Tent Nits to think of ways to generate funds to support our programs.
  4. The Blue Louse is in safe keeping at the resort.
  5. Seam Squirrel Reyes reminds everybody to consider attending the Grand Scratch in Subic Bay in June 11 to 15, 2017.  Look for the advertisement and registration on the Website.
  6. Cootie Webber reports that there is no parking along Don Juico in A.C.; your car might get towed.

 50/50 Drawing:  Won by Cootie Webber. Total was P1000 of which P500 each went to the Pup Tent and Cootie Webber.  Cootie Webber donated his share back to the Pup Tent.  Fines collected were P1240.  Scratch closed not soon enough, but about 12:30 pm by SS Bobby Reyes.

 Next Scratch: The "Kutos" Pup Tent 7 will have their next Scratch after the District 7 Meeting as part of the Swarm at 1400, at Footlights, Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union, 2500 on April 18, 2017.



Bud St. Onge                                                             Bobby Reyes

Hungry Cootie                                                           Seam Squirrel