Pup Tent 7 Minutes

 Military Order of the Cooties

Pup Tent 7, KUTO

Bauang, La Union, Philippines

VFW Post 2485 Angeles City, Pampanga, PhilippinesVFW Post 2485 Angeles City,
 Pampanga, PhilippinesVFW Post 2485 Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines


Minutes of irregularly scheduled Scratch

Scratch Called to Dis-Order:   By seamy one action Aukshun at 11:45 on 20 Jun 2017

Roll Call of Shave Tails: Cootie 00 POW, great blue louse present.   8 coots present

Reading, referring, membership Applications:  VFW Post 9892 Life Member David Camillo and Fred Russian expressed an interest in joining.

Reading of Minutes:   minutes posted on website. 2nd motion to accept by Cootie Reyes, Made motion: Rhett Webber. PASSED

Cootie or Family member in Distress John LaGrew in USA for heart operation Bill Hudson in Thailand for heart operation. Our prayers are with them

C.C.D.B. Reportgiven by John Meseros, in good shape. J. Meseros 2nd motion to accept, Bobby Reyes made motion. PASSED

Reading of Communications:  None received except the plaque and recognition from grand for hospital program. 120 +%. Some individuals also will be recognized by grand.

Committee Reports:    

Hospital:   Given                       Diaper Program:  Joihn in USA                   Blind School:  no requests/action

Booster Report:  No report    National Home:    Remembered our National home

Reading of Bills:  4 cootie T shirt purchased by Rhett Weber

2nd motion for ALL REPORTS to be ACCEPTED: Bud St Onge, James Rogers made the motion.  PASSED

Unfinished Orders of the Scratch:  NONE

New Orders of the Scratch:  NEW Pass word has not been given yet by Grand

Good of the Scratch:  Fines collected 1500,  50/50 won by Action Aukshun new seam squirrel P 400

SCRATCH CLOSED IAW RITUAL:   by Seam Squirrel at 1235  next scratch July 11. Seam Squirrel will be in USA.


Signed  Tim Aukshun