District VII (Philippines)


                         Department of Pacific Areas


         Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States


                                                                                                     03 JULY 2018


SUBJECT:  District VII Convention Minutes, 10 April 2018


Commander Fores opened Officer’s Call at 0930 hours on 03 JULY 2018, hosted by VFW Post 11447, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City, Zambales at the VFW Post 11447 Post home. Department of the Pacific Areas Commander Michael Verville presented Service Officer Training to Officers and Post Officers.  The District VII Meeting was opened by Commander Fores IAW VFW Ritual at 1030 hours.




Commander Fores recognized the following distinguished attendees:




    Department of Pacific Areas Commander – Michael Verville


    Past Council Member of the Department of the Western Conference – Nick Nelson


    Past National Council Member - Bob Zaher


    Department of Pacific Areas Judge Advocate – Robert “Mo” Moses


    Department of Pacific Areas Adjutant – Gerald Chaplin


    Past Department Commander – Rhett Webber


    Past District Commanders – Bob Zaher; Rhett Webber; Charlie Spain




Roll Calls:




Roll call of officers was completed and excused officers noted. Fifteen (15) members were in attendance.




Roll Call of District VII Posts was conducted.  




Reading of Minutes:




A motion was made by Substitute Adjutant Reyes, seconded by Comrade Smith, to accept the distributed minutes of the 10 April 2018 District VII Convention Minutes Meeting. Motion Passed. 




Reading of Correspondence:




  1. 1.    Substitute Adjutant Reyes read an E-mail from VFW Adjutant General Brian Duffy entitled “VFW Emergency Relief Fund Campaign”.  VFW National is asking Posts and Districts to donate funds to the “VFW Emergency Relief Fund” as they are running low in funds to support areas that can be impacted this coming year. (Atch 1).
  2. 2.    District 7 Commander Fores read a letter from VFW Commander-in-Chief Keith Harman congratulating Jr Past District 7 Commander Charles Spain in achieving the distinct honor of leading the District to over 100% in membership for the 2017-2018 year. (Atch 2)




Quartermaster Report:




Quartermaster Burnett gave the report for the fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2018.  He made a motion, seconded by Comrade Zaher, to accept the Quartermaster’s report as read and audited. Motion Passed.




Unpaid Bills/Obligations:  None.




Comrade or the Family of a Comrade in Distress: 




  1. 1.    Comrade Joe Dager from VFW Post 9892 is recuperating at home convalescing.
  2. 2.    Comrade Noel Kramer from VFW Post 124 is at St Louis University Hospital.
  3. 3.    Comrade “Ski” from VFW Post 2485 is looking better.
  4. 4.    Comrade Scott Simms from VFW 11447 is looking much better.
  5. 5.    Comrade Michael Tierney from VFW Post 12130 has returned from the USA and is at home in Cebu.
  6. 6.    Past Grand Commander James Mallott is presently going through health issues.
  7. 7.    Comrade Greg Langen of VFW Post 2485 is presently having health issues.
  8. 8.    Department Judge Advocate Robert “Mo” Moses is being scheduled for surgery in the near future.




Post Commander Reports:




  1. Commander Narvaez Post 124 – Commander Narvaez read his report. (Atch 3)  
  2. Commander Collins Post 2485 -- Commander Collins read his report. (Atch 4)
  3. Commander Reyes Post 9892 – Commander Reyes read his report. (Atch 5)
  4. Commander Robbins Post 11447 – Commander Robbins read his report. (Atch 6)
  5. Commander Nurriddin Post 12130 – See (Atch 10)




District Officer Reports:




  1. 1.    JVC St Onge – VOD/Patriots Pen/Teacher Awards Programs – Read his Report (Atch 7)
  2. 2.    JVC Collins – Community Activities – Said that people are performing community activities, they need to remember to report them.
  3. 3.    Chief of Staff Zaher – Read his report. (Atch 8)  Additionally, COS Zaher reminds everybody get involved with the Legacy Program.
  4. 4.    Trustees – Trustee Wilsey reported that the District audit was conducted this date, 3 JUN 2018, and all was found to be in order.
  5. 5.    Chaplain Corbin – Excused.  Death Notices must be reported when they happen. 
  6. 6.    Judge Advocate Smith –JA Smith says to contact him if there is a need for Judge Advocate assistance.  He also says for members to direct all comments to the “head table” and to push for everybody to get involved enrolling in the “VFW Action Weekly”.
  7. 7.    Surgeon Grimm – Reports that there will be an “assisted living” seminar at Post 2485 tomorrow, he will be taking notes and will send out the information to the posts Surgeons.  He also says that there are more “stateside” doctors coming to the Philippines to perform VES C&P’s.
  8. 8.    Safety Chairman Nurriddin – See (Atch 11)
  9. 9.    Service Officer Webber – Discussed the VES and VA systems in the Philippines. See (Atch 12).
  10. 10.  Inspector Burnett – He will be sending out information to the posts.
  11. 11.  JPDC Spain – Gives thanks to all in the District for their support during a very successful year.




Committee Reports:




1.  Life Membership - Chairman Wilsey reports that we have more Life Members than we’ve ever had in the District.  He states that the District’s stipend of $400 for posts recruiting five Life Members is running out. DPA CDR Verville remarks that posts with less than 500 members will need five new/reinstatements to receive the Department membership stipend and for posts having 500 and over members will need ten new/reinstated members.  There is a $50 stipend for posts converting annual Members to Life.  Once they’ve reached five member conversions the post needs to contact DPA QM Callaghan to be issued the $250 stipend.




2.  Life Legacy – Chairman Zaher read his report.  (See Atch 8 – Chief of Staff)




3.  Clark American Cemetery - Comrade Smith reports that ABMC now owns the CVC as VFW 2485 only does the burials.  He discussed indigent veterans’ burials as they are draining the Grave Digger Fund.  They are looking at ways to continue burying indigent veterans and are determining what classifies a veteran as eligible for an indigent burial.  They have had some burials where the VA burial monies go to the Post to help maintain the fund.  Also, they are looking at veteran’s families offering P3,000 to help defray the costs of the burials. By putting a limit of P45,000 per burial expenses, the fund may only have enough to do six more services.




Remember Our National Home for Children:  Substitute Chaplain Jim Rogers said the prayer for our National Home for Children.




Unfinished Business:    




  1. 1.    The two proposed resolutions submitted to the Department of Pacific Areas;  Equitable Education Benefits for Dependents and Bells of Balangiga at the DPA  convention, were approved.   Closed.  
  2. 2.    The locations of the 2018-2019 District Meetings were approved at the last meeting. Closed




New Business:




  1. 1.    All posts need to submit their General Orders to the DPA Adjutant (Comrade Chaplin) and the District 7 Adjutant (Comrade Senato)
  2. 2.    2018-2019 Budget:  The District 7 Budget was read by QM Burnett.  Comrade Wilsey made a motion to accept the District 7 2018-2019 Budget and seconded by Comrade Smith.  Short discussion.  Motion Passed.
  3. 3.    A motion was made to donate $100 to the VFW Emergency Relief Fund fund by Comrade Wilsey and seconded by Comrade Smith. After discussion and QM Burnett verifying that we had the funds, the motion was passed to donate $100 to the VFW Emergency Relief Fund Campaign and to be added to the Budget. Motion Passed.




Good of the Order:




  1. 1.    Department of Pacific Commander (DPA CDR) Mike Verville announced District 7 members appointed to DPA positions.
  2. 2.    DPA CDR says that it is no longer a requirement for Service Officers to make reports to the Department Service Officer.
  3. 3.    DPA CDR reminds all that the Community Service Report (CSR) reporting period is May 1 to April 30 and they must have all their community activities closed out for the reporting year on April 30.  Each post is required to post at a minimum, three (3) CSRs per month to be eligible for All State.
  4. 4.    DPA CDR would like all posts to have all of their All State requirements to be completed by September 30, such as; VOD, Patriots Pin, Outstanding Teachers, VMSP, National Home, etc.  Posts can donate $50 each to these programs.
  5. 5.    DPA CDR remarks that VFW Membership Program for this 2018-2019 term is on-line (www.vfw.org).  Sign into your account and go to the My VFW, then click on the link for the Membership Program. There is also a thing called “Round Ups”, where the Department Commanders would go one month on a weekend and show-up at a post to have the post make a membership pledge. Additionally, Post Officers need to go out and recruit members to set the example to the post’s members, additionally they should come up with ideas (membership drives) to recruit members and keep a membership application with them.
  6. 6.    The DPA has now combined their DPA pages for ease of access.  DPA CDR Verville now has a FB page that he will use to communicate with.  All post should have a Face Book Site.
  7. 7.    The Mid-term (CofA) will be held in Angeles City on December 7-9 at the Oasis Hotel.  The DPA 2019 Convention will be held in Saipan.  A reminder that all non-US Citizens must have a US visa and to apply for one early.
  8. 8.    There will be a change to the Department’s By-laws that will require Elected Department Officers and Council Members to be living within the Department’s geographical region.  Presently, the DPA is the only department that allows elected officials to live outside of the area.
  9. 9.    There is a US Embassy Outreach at the Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay, Baguio City on July 20, 2018, 0730 to 1030.  Bring exact amount in pesos as the Outreach will not be able to give you change.


10. Many veterans are receiving their annual Social Security verification letters.  A reminder that if SSA does not receive the letter back in time that the beneficiary’s Social Security benefits will stop.


11. VFW Post 2485 will be hosting a National POW/MIA Recognition Day on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at the Cabanatuan American Memorial.  (See Atch 9).


12. The 50/50 drawing was won by Comrade Reyes with P7000 Pesos collected.


 There being no further business, Commander Fores closed the District VII Meeting IAW VFW ritual at 1145 hours.  The next District VII Meeting will be 10 November 2018, hosted by Post 2485, Angeles City.  Details to follow through Notification Letter and emails.




OFFICIAL:                                                                 APPROVED:







Larry Senato                                                             Alex B Fores


Adjutant                                                              Commander