Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual; meeting opened at 0900 hours. Opening prayers were given by appointed Post Chaplain, Comrade Carr.


Commander – Bobby Reyes – Present

Senior Vice Commander – Donald Carr – Present

Junior Vice Commander – Pete Brozowski – Present

Quartermaster – Charlie Spain – Present

Chaplain - James Rodgers--Excused

Trustee One – Fred Russian – Present

Trustee Two – John Mesaros – Present

Trustee Three – Garrett Bridges -Present


Adjutant – Bud St. Onge - Present

Judge Advocate – Don Carr - Present

Surgeon - Rhett Webber--Present

Safety Officer – Rhett Webber – Present

Service Officer – Don Carr – Present

Elementary Schools Chairman - Roger Limle – Present

Seam Squirrel – Rhett Webber - Present

National Home/POW/MIA Chairman - Rhett Webber – Present

Webmaster – Pete Brozowski – Present

Assistant Quartermaster – Tim Aukshun – Present

OOD – Wes Kerlin -- Absent

Historian - Pete Brozowski - Present

There were 13members in attendance.

Commander Reyes made the following temporary appointments for this meeting:

   • Garrett Bridges – OOD

   • Donald Carr--Chaplain

Commander Reyes recognized the following distinguished attendees:

   • All past Department, District and Post Commanders.

   o Past Department Commander: Rhett Webber

   o Present District 7 Commander: Bud St Onge

   o Past District 7 Commander: Tim Aukshun, Charles Spain

   o Past Post Commanders: Rhett Webber, Tim Aukshun, Roger Limle

   o Junior Past Commander Bud St Onge

   • Pup Tent 7 Seam Squirrel Rhett Webber


The Post Charter was Draped in memory of VFW Post 9892 Life Members, whom we were notified by VFW National as passed away:

   • Ramon B Bueno

   • Loren L Crain

   • Paul J Nelson

   • Niel J Nielson


   1. George E Boronot: Life Membership. US Army, Vietnam

   2. Larry Hignight: Transfer from VFW 12130. US Airforce, Vietnam. Former VFW Post 9892 Senior Vice Commander

Motion to accept them into the post was made by Commander Reyes and seconded by Comrade Carr. Discussion. Motion was passed upon vote of membership.

READING OF MINUTES: The Minutes from the September 10, 2019 meeting have been posted on the Post website and distributed via email. A motion to accept the minutes as distributed and posted was made by Comrade Bridges, seconded by Comrade Limle. No discussion. Motion approved.

QUARTERMASTER’S REPORT: The Post’s financial status was read by QM Charles Spain. Motion to accept the Quartermaster’s Report as audited was made by Comrade Spain and Seconded by Comrade Limle. No discussion. Motion approved.

READING OF BILLS: A motion was made to purchase a wreath (900 pesos) for Comrade Jerry Prince that recently passed away. Motion made by Comrade Aukshun and seconded by Comrade Reyes, No discussion. Motion approved. 



• Daniel Cimo is currently at home in Tacloban City recovering.

• Dave Ransom is still ill at home.

• James Mann is presently at the Bridges of Hope in Angeles City recovering.

• A search for Comrade Bruce Cutler has turned up with negative results.


  : Lorma Hospital still does not bill FMP directly due to slow payments by FMP. VAOPC Manila is still aware of this issue and will be brought up again at the next Teleconference. Nearest places for utilization of FMP are:

• Divine Grace Medical Center Cavite, Philippines

• Manila Doctors Hospital Manila, Philippines

• Unihealth Baypointe Hospital Olongapo, Philippines

• Sacred Heart Medical Center Angeles City, Philippines

• The Medical City Clark Angeles City, Philippines

• Avitus Kidney Care and Dialysis Center Olongapo, Philippines

• The Medical City, Iloilo Iloilo, Philippines

• SUSPENDED: The Medical City Ortigas, Pasig City Metro Manila


SURGEON: Distributed via email.

JUDGE ADVOCATE: Noting to report

CHAPLAIN: Prayers for our departed comrade, Tom Darkus and family.

HISTORIAN: Records have been updated with more updates as they occur.

SAFETY OFFICER: Distributed via email.


COMMUNITY SERVICE: : All Community Service Reports go to Junior Vice Commander Pete Brozowski.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL & MICHAEL MURPHY MEMORIAL FUND:: Comrade Roger Limle read his School Report to the members.

SEAM SQUIRREL: Seam Squirrel Webber reports that there will be a Cootie Scratch following this meeting.


   • Members should continue to sell their issued Chili Cook-Off raffle Tickets or return them to our CCO staff next meeting.

   • We are still locked in to using BLU Water Beach Resort and Parks in Brgy Pugo, Bauang, La Union on November 30, 2019.

   • CCO Application forms and rules were distributed.

NATIONAL HOME: Distributed via email

POW/MIA: Sent to email distribution.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT: Commander Reyes reports that with the addition of our newest Life Member we should reach 100% in membership. Keep the press on membership! We will try to have our Membership Drive in the first week in December. We need to get our backboard design done.


Motion to accept all committee reports made by Comrade Bridges seconded by Comrade Carr, some discussion, motion approved.

REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:A prayer was said by Post Chaplain appointee, Comrade Carr, in remembrance of our National Home.


• Membership Drive Booth at CSI is on hold.

See Membership Committee notes.

• Please keep in mind the following on VOD/PP:

o Deadline for the Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen and Teacher of the Year submissions and donations in lieu of submissions, will coincide with the Posts entry deadline of midnight October 31st 2019. Donations after the deadline will not be accepted for participation credit.

o Donations should be made through

o The following changes to the mandatory donations for the following programs are as follows:  Voice of Democracy: $75

 Patriot Pen: $75

 Teacher of the Year: Elementary, Middle and High school, $75 each @ $225 total  VMS Programs: $100 due until June 30.

 National Home for Children: at present, remains the same at $50.

o Donation requirements will be completed prior to October 31, 2019.


• Commander Reyes made a motion to change the December Post meeting to December 17@ 0900 because senior post members will be returning from Cambodia later in the week and not in time for the regularly scheduled meeting. Motion was seconded by Comrade Carr. Discussion and motion is approved.

• The Post Membership Appreciation/Christmas Luncheon will be held at 1 PM, at Final Option Restaurant after the December 17 Post Meeting upon schedule approval from Final Option Management. Same policy as last year’s where the post will cover the first P500 of the “member in good standing’s” bill. Commander Reyes made the motion and seconded by Comrade Carr. Discussion and motion is approved.

• Commander Reyes asked where we will host our Children’s Christmas Party, which is a budgeted item. After careful debate on the floor, Comrade Spain made a motion to accept his old neighborhood school in barangay Dili, Bauang. Motion was seconded by Comrade Bridges. Motion was passed and Comrade Spain will talk to the school about setting it up with them.

• Comrade John Kelly asked about the feasibility of having a WWII monument set up on the beach in San Fabian. A motion by Commander Reyes to look into doing this and seconded by Comrade Bridges. Discussion. Motion was passed. Comrade Brozowski will contact the people in charge of Philippine Monuments and look into the feasibility of doing this. We can use VFW National Grant money for this if possible.

• Comrades Aukshun and Carr asked what we would do for Veteran’s Day; many of us members will be at the VFW DDPA District 7 Meeting in VFW Post 2485. Some may stay in Clark to attend their meeting. A motion was made by Comrade Aukshun to have our own Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Pvt Jose B Nisperos’ gravesite on November 11 at 1100 with a follow-on luncheon at Philibel’s. Motion was seconded by Comrade Carr. Discussion and motion is passed.


• Comrades, keep the press on membership. Ask; you never know if anybody is interested in joining unless you give them an opportunity to say yes...or no.

• Commander Reyes encourages all post members to follow/friend the two DPA Facebook Pages: "DPA Official Communications" and "DPA Around the Pacific" and to sign up for the VFW Action Weekly on to get up to date information on what the VFW is doing on the legislative front. He stated that if member is having a hard time enroll; he would show them how.

• Leyte Landing Ceremony at Palo, Tacloban City on Sunday, 20th of October. • District 7 Meeting on November 10, 2019 at VFW Post 2485, Angeles City. Swarm the night before.

• DPA CofA will be held in Phnom Peng on December 6-8. Registration will be posted on the site. They now have a Word Document to resister on.

• DPA convention is in Bangkok, Thailand in June. • Daniela’s has changed ownership and name to Super Manong’s. Also, Phoenix Hotel is closed.

• Webmaster Brozowski stated that it is difficult for him to post our minutes in PDF form and would like to receive it in a Word Document. Adjutant St Onge can do this as long as the signatures are secured.

• Special Events this Month until the next meeting:

o October 13: US Navy Birthday

o October 14: Columbus Day

o October 20: Leyte landing, Palo Leyte

o November 10: US Marine Corps Birthday

o November 11: Veterans Day

50/50 DRAWING: Total 1200 pesos. The winner was Comrade Brozowski. The Post will receive 600 pesos.

BUDDY POPPY: P380 which will go into the Post Relief Fund.

Meeting closed at 1055 hours in accordance with VFW ritual. The next Col B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 meeting will be 12 NOV 2019 @ 9:00 a.m. at Philibel’s Resto, # 475 National Highway, Barangay Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union.