Minutes: 14 May 19

Scratch called to order at 11:30 by Seam Squirrel Rhett Webber

Opening formalities IAW with Grand By-laws and ritual completed Visitors and VIPs recognized, 8 Cooties present

Membership Applications:

   Garrett Bridges, Alex Fores and Larry Purdy were voted in at the scratch.      Motion seconded by cootie Reyes and made by cootie Rodgers.

Minutes of the last scratch (April 2019) were posted.

CCDB report was read by CCDB Cootie Mesaros read. Everything is in good order….we hope. A motion to accept the report was seconded by Cootie Mesaros and made by Cootie Rodgers, Motion approved

Official Correspondence: Pup Tent 7 KUTO was confirmed to have achieved 100% + 3 by Pacific Grand CCDB Napsey for the 2018-19.

Comrade in distress: Cootie Ransom and Cimo are still under medical care.

Committee Reports:

Hospital Report by Cootie Webber. Submit your hospital and home visit reports, so that we can get credit for the great work that we do. Seamy Webber is proud of our Pup Tent 7 Cooties for their effort visiting our Cooties and family members in “Beds of White. Below are our current numbers.

FEBRUARY 18’ PUP TENT 7 HOSPITAL REPORT TOTALS Visits Cooties Patients Hours Miles Gifts Totals 31 31 32 81 541 $ 190 $ 1855.79 159 % $20,2016.76

Diaper Report: Cootie Lagrew was not present, however he continues to be sighted at the local hospitals in Baguio with arms full of diapers. Keep up the good work!. The Pup tent fully supports his efforts.


OLD BUSINESS: It was agreed the VFW and Pup tent would split the cost of the wreath that will be placed at gravesites on Memorial Day.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: We engaged in a discussion about putting together a project to clean some of the local monuments that have been neglected around the city. Cooties Reyes will check with the Mayor and see if the City will support these efforts.

50/50: 800 pesos. Drawing won by Cootie St.Onge (400 pesos) with 400 pesos going to the Pup tent. We thank you Cootie Bud!

Fines: 800 pesos

Closing Ceremonies IAW Grand Ritual was done and scratch closed at 1210 UGH!. Next scratch 18 Jun 19 immediately following the VFW meeting at Philibel’s Resto, # 475 National Highway, Barangay Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union.