Minutes: 12 Mar 19

Scratch called to order at 1140 by Seam Squirrel Rhett Webber

Opening formalities IAW with Grand By-laws and ritual completed

Visitors and VIPs recognized, 7 Cooties present

Membership Applications: Garrett Bridges to be voted on at our 9 April 19 Scratch.

Minutes of the last scratch (January 2019) were posted.

CCDB report was read by CCDB Cootie Mesaros. Everything is in good order….we hope. A motion to accept the report was seconded by Cootie Mesaros and made by Cootie Reyes, Motion approved

Official Correspondence: None

Comrade in distress: Cootie Ransom and Cimo are still under medical care.

Committee Reports:

Hospital Report by Cootie Webber. Submit your hospital and home visit reports, so that we can get credit for the great work that we do. Below are our current numbers.


Visits 44

Cooties 44

Patients 57

Hours 147

Miles 1087

Gifts $675.99

Totals $3,772.13

130%        $16,548.18

Diaper Report: Cootie Lagrew gave us a detailed report of the diaper program in Baguio. The Pup tent fully supports his efforts and we paid him the money that we owed for this contribution.



NEW BUSINESS: Nominations are open for all Cootie positions. Inform Seam Squirrel Webber if you are interested, Cootie Bridges was nominated to be the CCDB for the upcoming term. Cootie Mesaros is stepping down after doing an outstanding job for the last 19 years. Elections will be held at our 9 Apr 19 meeting.

GOOD OF THE ORDER: Cootie Webber suggested that we contribute $50 for a hospitality room at the Orlando, FL Supreme Conference. This will give PT 7 visibility at this annual event as it’s the first time our Pacific Grand has presented a hospitality room at a Supreme Conference. A second was made by Cootie Rodgers, and made by Cootie Webber. No discussion, motion approved.

Cootie Drivers Licenses are now printed and available from Cootie Mesaros for 200 pesos. He also has Pup Tent 7 Kutos pins, but you have to come to a meeting to get one!!!

Pup Tent 7 will host a Swarm after the District VII meeting at the Red Scorpion at 13:00.

Annual memberships are now due…pay up!

50/50: 700 pesos,. Drawing won by Cootie St.Onge (350 pesos) with 350 pesos going to the Pup tent. Fines: 500 pesos.

Closing Ceremonies IAW Grand Ritual was done and scratch closed at 1245 UGH!. Next scratch 9 Apr 19 immediately following the VFW meeting at the Red Scorpion. Make note that the VFW meetings will now begin at 0900!!!!