Minutes 10 May 2022

Scratch called to order at 1115 by Seam Squirrel Rhett Webber

Travel restrictions have been lifted, therefore we were able to conduct a face to face meeting. Group video conferencing with the Zoom Application was attempted but technical issues prevented a consistent connection. Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Grand By-Laws. Meeting opened at 1100 hours. Opening prayers were given by CCDB Reyes.

Visitors and VIPs recognized, 5 Cooties present

Membership Applications: None

CCDB report was given by Cootie Reyes and everyone present agreed he did a crummy job. Motion to accept his report, subject to audit, was seconded by Cootie Reyes, made by Cootie Bridges, no discussion, motion approved.

Official Correspondence: None

Comrade in distress: Cootie’s Keller, Ransom and Purdy are still under medical care.

Committee Reports: None

REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME: Prayer given by Seam Squirrel Webber



• Past Seam Squirrel Bobby Reyes performed “Installation Rituals” for newly elected and appointed Pup Tent 7 Officers.

o Seam Squirrel: Rhett Webber

o Blanket Bum: John Mesaros

o Hide Gimlet: Garrett Bridges

o CCDB: Robert Reyes

o Sky Pilot: Jim Rodgers

o Tight Wad (1 year): Fred Russian

o Tight Wad (2 year): Tim Aukshun

o Tight Wad (3 year): Roscoe Mcglynn

o Hungry Cootie: Bud St Onge

o Provost Marshall: Garrett Bridges

o Jimmy Legs: Charles Spain

o Keep of the Lousy Records: Bud St Onge

o Shyster: Robert Reyes

o Pill Pusher: Roscoe Mcglynn

o Hospital Chairman: Rhett Webber


• Headstone replacements: If you know of someone that needs a new headstone or replacement of an existing one submit an application. Time estimate is 4 – 6 months

• Membership dues: For those Cooties who are annual members whose dues were not paid for this season, please pay as soon as you can before May 31 as the new cards for the upcoming season will be delivered within the next two months and the cycle begins again. For annuals that are interested in converting to life members, the Pup tent will donate $50 towards the membership.

• If you need a shag, contact Rhett Webber. He can have them made in Angeles City for about 600 pesos. He can also have Cootie bags made for about 600 pesos.

• The Grand of the Pacific Scratch will be held on June 12 – 15 at the Oasis Hotel in Angeles City. Registration is ongoing. There will be a Cootie Social on June 12.

• The PT7 Cooties will be doing a “Silent Auction” at the VFW Post 9892 Chili Cook-Off on November 26, 2022. Cootie donations for auctioning would be greatly appreciated…see Seam Squirrel Webber for more information.

• Cootie Bridges states that they (VFW Post 9892) will be providing diapers to new born babies at the Ilocos Regional Medical Center in the City of San Fernando, La Union.

• Cooties will assist VFW Post 9892 for Memorial Day Ceremony at the different cemeteries in the local area by placing flags on the veterans’ gravesites. Cootie Aukshun has the flags.

• Cootie Roger Limle’s wife, Emily advises that there are no more school at her house. They have all been given away.

• Cootie Reyes suggests that if VFW Post 9892 considers and decides to host a VFW DPA CofA that Awesome Hotel would be an excellent choice and the Cooties would support them…more discussion at the next scratch.

• Cootie Bridges will get together with Cootie Aukshun in setting up a Cootie Social when VFW Post 9892 hosts the District Meeting in July.

• Cootie Mcglynn graciously donated P1000 to the Pup Tent.

APRIL 22’ PUP TENT 7 HOSPITAL REPORT TOTALS. Visits Cooties Patients Hours Miles Gifts Totals 22 22 36 70 769 $5,549.20 $7,235.36 147% Totals: $19,935.36

50/50: P350 (Cootie Mcglynn donated his winnings to the Cooties present at the Scratch for a round of Cootie Milk)

Fines: P500

Closing Ceremonies IAW Grand Ritual was done and scratch closed at 1230. Next scratch is June 21, 2022, immediately following the VFW Post 9892 meeting at Crown & Anchor Resto, # 475 National Highway, Barangay Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union. Avoiding any technical issues the Scratch may be accessible via Zoom.