District 7 Minutes 5 Jul 2019

Commander St Onge opened Officer’s Call at 0934 hours on 5 July, 2019, hosted by Post 11247. The District VII Meeting was opened by Commander St. Onge IAW VFW Ritual at 1000 hours.

Commander St Onge recognized the following distinguished attendees:

  - Current Department Junior Vice Commander, Kevin Mitchel

  - Current Department Quartermaster: Pete Callaghan

  - Current Department Adjutant: Jerry Chaplin

  - Past National Council member, Past Department Commander, Past District Commander: Bob Zaher

  - Past Department Commander, Past District Commander: John Gilbert

  - Past Department Commander, Past District Commander: Rhett Webber

  - Past Department Commander: Mike Verville

  - Past District Commander: Tim Aukshun

Roll Call:

Roll call of officers was completed, and excused officers noted. Twenty three (23) members were in attendance. Absentees were noted. District Judge Advocate; Don Carr in USA, Trustee: Garrett Bridges in USA

Temporary appointments:

  Judge Advocate: Norman Smith

  Officer of the Day: Wesley Kerlin

Reading of Minutes:

A motion was made by Comrade Tim Aukshun, seconded by Comrade Norman Smith, to accept the distributed minutes of the 26 April 2019 with a spelling change of Wes Kerlin’s name and a correction to the date of this District meeting. Motion Passed.

Reading of Correspondence:

Correspondence was received from the VFW Commander-in-Chief William “Doc” Schmitz. It outlines the VFW National Membership program for the 2019 – 2020 term.

Quartermaster Report:

Quartermaster Smith gave the report for the last quarter ending June 2019. Comrade Grimm made a motion, seconded by Comrade Aukshun, to accept the Quartermaster’s report as read, subject to audit. Motion Approved

Unpaid Bills/Obligations: None.

Comrade or the Family of a Comrade in Distress:

Comrade Nurridin is still recuperating from accident fall during the last earthquake. Comrade Santiago Totanes in Baguio Passed away. RIP! Comrade Tom Stone Passed away. RIP! Comrade Frank Hiliard will be relocating to Las Vegas for Va Treatment.

• Department Service Officer, Ken Stein, should be notified when a comrade in the District passes away.

• Department Surgeon, Tony Grimm should be notified when a comrade in the District is hospitalized.

Post Commander Reports:

1. Commander Joe Bando Post 124, read his report

2. Commander Jim Collins Post 2485, read his report

3. Commander Robert Reyes Post 9892, read his report

4. Commander Donald Robbins Post 11447- read his report

5. Commander Nurriddin Post 12130 – Absent, no report submitted

District Officer Reports:

1. Junior Past District 7 Commander – Alex Fores: Excused, No report submitted

2. District SVC - Jim Collins - read his report.

3. District JVC - Bobby Reyes – read his report

4. Trustee - Cliff Wilsey - read his report

5. Chaplain - Larry Warren – read his report and informed the membership that all deaths in the District must be reported to him for consolidation for his report to DPA.

6. Judge Advocate - Don Carr – Excused

7. Surgeon - Tony Grimm – read his report.

8. Service/Safety Officer - Rhett Webber – read his report.

9. Inspector - Norm Smith – Arrangements will be made to get all posts inspected before C of A. (December)

Committee Reports:

1. Life Membership Chairman – Cliff Wilsey - read his report

2. Legacy Life Chairman - Bob Zaher – reported that DPA is at the top of the VFW, Legacy life membership program..

3. Clark American Cemetery - Comrade Norm - Smith read his report

Remember Our National Home for Children:

Chaplain Larry Warren led us in a prayer for the National Home for Children.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business:

Comrade Norm Smith made motion to accept the 2019 – 2020 budget with the annual delegate fees being removed and the stipend for membership be lowered to $200. Pending approval of the bylaws in C of A convention in December. Seconded by Comrade Aukshun. Motion Approved

Comrade Norm Smith proposed changes to the District by – laws and asked the membership to review them for further discussion. We will discuss further at the November District meeting. He made motion to put bylaws in abeyance till C of A. Tom Aldridge seconded. Motion Approved

Good of the Order:

• Mike Verville stated that anyone wanting an appointment with the Dept service officer should call the VFW 11247 office and make appointment through Mitch, his secretary.

• Comrade Tom Aldridge thanked post 11447 for the effort they put into the District 7 meeting (Doughnuts were good)

• This years C of A will be held in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. Confirmation will be sent out once plans are finalized

• Department Quarter Master Pete Callaghan announced his bid to be elected as a National Council Member and requests District 7 support.

• Dept JVC Kevin Mitchel talked about membership and our good numbers. District 7 made All American for the last tern. He asked that we continue our hard work.

• John Gilbert ask if we have enough interest in helping The Elks in Makati City for a possible Outreach.

• Commander St.Onge discussed the importance of communication within the District membership. Attached is G.O. #1 for the 2019 – 2020 term, listing the contact information for all of the District Officers. Also he requested that all Post Commanders submit their respective Post event schedules to the District Adjutant. This will be an ongoing effort as necessary to inform the membership of post events, such as fundraisers and key VFW events. This will give everyone an opportunity to plan for these events in advance and help support posts within the District. The District Adjutant will be sending these out to the Officers on a regular basis.

The 50/50 total was 6900 pesos and was won by Comrade Tim Aukshun (P3450 will go to the winner and 3450 will go to the District.

Buddy poppies collected was P1100.

There being no further business, Commander St. Onge closed the District VII Meeting IAW VFW ritual at 1132 hours. The next District VII Meeting will be Nov 10, 2019, hosted by Post 2485 Angeles City. Details to follow through Notification Letter and emails.