District 7 Minutes 10 Nov 2019

Commander St Onge opened Officer’s Call at 0930 hours on 10 Nov., 2019, hosted by Post 2485. The District VII Meeting was opened by Commander St. Onge IAW VFW Ritual at 1005 hours.

Commander St Onge recognized the following distinguished attendees:

- Current Department Junior Vice Commander, Kevin Mitchel

- Current Department Adjutant: Jerry Chaplin

- Past National Council member, Past Department Commander, Past District Commander: Bob Zaher

- Past Department Commander, Past District Commander: John Gilbert

- Past Department Commander, Past District Commander: Rhett Webber

- Past District Commanders: Tim Aukshun, Alex Flores, Carl Burke, Charles Spain

Roll Call:

Roll call of officers was completed, and excused officers noted. Twenty six (26) members were in attendance. Absentees were noted. OD: Wesley Kerlin has relocated out of the area; Post 12130 (Cebu) Scott Stinson; Chaplin: Larry Warren resigned.

Temporary appointments:

Chaplin: Lin Travers

Officer of the Day: Garrett Bridges

Reading of Minutes:

A motion was made by Comrade Tim Aukshun, seconded by Comrade Bobby Reyes, to accept the distributed minutes of the July 2019 meeting. Motion Approved.

Reading of Correspondence:

 A letter of resignation was received by the following;

• District Chaplin Larry Warren (medical)

• Post 12130 Commander Yusuf Nurriddin (medical)

Quartermaster Report:

Quartermaster Norman Smith gave the report for the last quarter ending Oct. 2019. Comrade Smith made a motion, seconded by Comrade Bob Zaher, to accept the Quartermaster’s report as audited. Motion Approved

Unpaid Bills/Obligations:

The patriot’s pen and other mandatory DPA programs have increased. These programs are budgeted items, however the increase was not anticipated or budgeted. We will make adjustments to next terms budget to reflect the increase. Comrade Smith made a motion that we pay the increase. Comrade Collins seconded the motion. Motion Approved .

Comrade or the Family of a Comrade in Distress:

• Comrade Nurriddin is still recuperating from an accidental fall during the last earthquake.

• Tom Aldridge is in TMCC still recovering from his recent surgery and will need an additional surgery.

• Daniel Cimo in Tacloban going back and forth from Cebu for treatment.

• Dave Ransom is mostly confined to his home in La Union.

• Ed Spears has stage 4 cancer.

• Frank Hilliard is in Los Vegas for medical.

Note: Department Service Officer, Ken Stein, should be notified when a comrade in the District passes away. And the Department Surgeon, Tony Grimm should be notified when a comrade in the District is hospitalized.

Post Commander Reports (see attachments):

1. Commander Joe Bando, Post 124, read his report.

2. Commander Jim Collins, Post 2485, read his report. 

3. Commander Robert Reyes, Post 9892, read his report. 

4. Commander Donald Robbins, Post 11447- read his report.

5. Commander Stension, Post 12130 – Absent, no report submitted

District Officer Reports:

1. Junior Past District 7 Commander – Alex Fores: No report presented All American Streamer

2. District SVC - Jim Collins - Read his report. ATTCH E

3. District JVC - Bobby Reyes –Read his report, Membership is doing well except for post 12130.

4. Trustee - Cliff Wilsey – District Audit completed, all in order

5. Chaplain – Lin Travers – Read his report. ATTCH F

6. Judge Advocate - Don Carr – No Report

7. Surgeon - Tony Grimm – No Report.

8. Service/Safety Officer - Rhett Webber – Read his report. ATTCH G & H

9. Inspector - Norm Smith – Arrangements will be made to get all posts inspected before 31 Mar.

Committee Reports:

1. Life Membership Chairman – Cliff Wilsey – Reported we are doing well except one post. ATTCH I

2. Legacy Life Chairman - Bob Zaher – reported that Post 2485 is at the top of the VFW DPA, Legacy life membership program..

3. Clark American Cemetery - Comrade Norman Smith reported that the Post no longer has any responsibility at the Cemetery. ABMC has full responsibility. Therefore there will no longer be a Clark Cemetery Chairman. Any updates or information regarding the Cemetery will be communicated through Post 2485 Commanders report.

Comrade Aukshun made a motion to accept all District officer and committee reports. Comrade Bridges seconded it. Motion Approved

Remember Our National Home for Children:

Chaplain Lin Travers led us in a prayer for the National Home for Children

Unfinished Business:

We are working on a draft of the District bylaws. We will discuss it again at the next district meeting.

New Business:

Comrade Smith made a motion to declare the Chaplin position vacant due to a resignation. Comrade Aukshun seconded the motion. Motion Approved by more than 2/3. Comrade Lin Travers was nominated by Comrade Reyes. Comrade Travers accepted the nomination. No other nominations were made. Comrade Collins moved the adjutant cast a unanimous ballot for Chaplin Travers. Welcome Comrade Travers as the District Chaplain.

Good of the Order:

• Department Junior Vice Commander Kevin Mitchel thanks all for the CSR reporting and encourages everyone to keep up the good work.

• District Commander Bud StOnge reported that several members of the VFW met with (5) Congressman/woman that were members of the house committee on veterans affairs on October 6, 2019. They traveled to Angeles City to meet with us to discuss Veterans Services in the Philippines. We shared with them the frustrations we have dealing with the FMP program. We can only hope that this results in some much needed changes to the program. They took a lot of notes.

• email any calendar changes to the District Adjutant, Tim Aukshun

• Comrade Smith suggested that we have two 50/50 drawings at the District meetings. This will help to cover the increase costs of the DPA Programs. We were in agreement to begin this at the next meeting.

• Department JVC Kevin Mitchel talked about CSR and our good numbers. District 7 made All American for the last term. He asked that we continue our hard work. • Post 11447 Commander, Don Robbins stated the Annual Beach Bash is being moved back to February (7th, 8th and 9th).

• Commander St.Onge read a letter from DPA SVC Ken Stein on membership. 

• Commander St.Onge requested a list of a couple of projects from each post to be included in his report at the C of A in December.

• District 7 General Order

The 50/50 total was 5300 pesos and was won by Comrade Eric Zarriello (P2650 will go to the winner and 2650 will go to the District.

There being no further business, Commander St. Onge closed the District VII Meeting IAW VFW ritual at 1135 hours. The next District VII Meeting will be Feb. 17, 2020, hosted by Post 124, Baguio City. Details to follow through a notification Letter and emails.