District 7 Minutes 7 Feb 2019

Commander Flores opened Officer’s Call at 0930 hours on 7 February 2019, hosted by Post 124, Baguio City . The District VII Meeting was opened by Commander Fores IAW VFW Ritual at 1000 hours.

Commander Flores recognized the following distinguished attendees:

Past DPA Commanders: Bob Zaher , Rhett Webber and Robert Moses(DPA Judge Ad-vocate)

Department of Pacific Areas Adjutant – Gerald Chaplin

Past District Commanders : Larry Senato and Charlie Spain

DPA Roving Ambassador Kevin Mitchell

Roll Call:

Roll call of officers was completed and excused officers noted. Twenty three (26) mem-bers were in attendance. (8 members from Post 124). Absentees were noted.

Reading of Minutes:

A motion was made by D7 Adjutant Senato , seconded by Comrade Corbin, to accept the distributed minutes of the 11 November 2018 . Motion Passed.

Reading of Correspondence:

VFW National Letter with streamer recognizing the district for reaching 100% membership. 

Quartermaster Report:

Quartermaster Burnett gave the report for the fiscal quarter ending December 2018. He made a motion, seconded by Comrade Norm Smith, to accept the Quartermaster’s report as read and audited. Motion Passed.

Unpaid Bills/Obligations: None.

Comrade or the Family of a Comrade in Distress:

Comrade Bobby Reyes reported the death of Past District Commander Thomas Darkus. Comrade Nurridin reported Veterans James Stewart, Mike Melis, and Paul Nucker not in good health.

Post Commander Reports:

1. Commander Narvaez Post 124 – Commander Narvaez read his report.

2. Commander Collins Post 2485 -- Commander Collins read his report.

3. Commander Reyes Post 9892 – Commander Reyes read his report.

4. Commander Robbins Post 11447 Commander Robbins read his report.

5. Commander Nurriddin Post 12130 – (verbal report, no hard copy submitted).

District Officer Reports:

1. SVC St Onge – VOD/Patriots Pen/Teacher Awards Programs and membership – Read his Report.

2. JVC Collins – Community Activities – Said that people are performing communi-ty activities, they need to remember to submit their report.

3. Trustees – Trustee Wilsey reported that the District audit was conducted and found to be in order.

4. Chaplain Corbin – All deaths in the District must be reported to him for consoli-dation for his report to DPA.

5. Judge Advocate Smith – Reminder to submit delegates names to Adjutant 6.

Surgeon Grimm – Nor present (Excused)

7. Service Officer Webber – Discussed the VES, DBQ and VA systems in the Philippines.

A.  Anyone planning of attending the 9-13 June DPA Convention in Saipan, need to pay attention to the layover times connecting from Manila to Guam. You could be stuck in Guam up to 20 hours, awaiting the connecting flight to Saipan. How-ever, if you leave out of Clark Field connecting in Incheon, Seoul, it's a much lesser time going direct to Saipan.

B.  Veterans here in the Philippines with AFN HD 9865 Cisco decoders, must re-register them prior to 05 March 19. If you don't, then your AFN Sat Signal will be turned off. AFRTS con-firmed veterans in the Philippines, will be required to re-register their Cisco 9865 annually now and only one AFN HD decoder can be registered per veteran. Open the site listed below: myAFN - American Forces Network Online Then look to the left side, middle of the data 'Manage My Decoder'. Open it and proceed to register your AFN HD Decoder.

8. Inspector Burnett – All Post in the District were inspected.

9. Safety: Commander 12130 , negative report

Committee Reports:

1. Life Membership - Chairman Wilsey

2. Life Legacy – Chairman Zaher verbal report that DPA is one of the top Legacy members in the VFW.

3. Clark American Cemetery - Comrade Smith reports to submit complete documents for any burial at Clark Cemetery

4. Junior Past D7 Commander Spain. No report

Remember Our National Home for Children:

Chaplain Corbin said the prayer for the National Home for Children.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business:

1. JVC Collins on the realignment of District meetings. Commander Rollins reported that Post 11447 has no problem going back to the July schedule.

The following schedule is approved. Post 124 February, Post 2485 November, Post 9892 April, Post 11447 July.

2. Due to the name issue on file indicating two names of Commander Nurriddin, D7 Adjutant Senato made a motion that Post 12130 review VFW documents of Yusuf Nurriddin , submit within 30 days from the date of this minutes an acceptable official documents/s to validate that Yusuf Nurriddin is the same person as shown on his DD214. Comrade Bobby Reyes made the second. After a lengthy discussion. Motion is passed.

Nomination of District 7 Officers:

Commander: Wayne “Bud” St.Onge

SVC: Jim Collins

JVC: Bobby Reyes & Yusuf Nurriddin

QM: Norm Smith

Chaplain: Linus Travis & Larry Warren

Surgeon: Tony Grimm

Judge Advocate: Larry Senato

Trustee 3: open

Nomination is open until the next District convention April 26, 2019.

Good of the Order:

1. District 7 convention and installation of Officers on April 26, 2019 at Post 9892, Bauang La Union

2. Department convention June 9-13 in Saipan.

3. DPA Roving Ambassador: introduce himself and announce his intention for DPA JVC.

4. The 50/50 drawing won by Comrade Bobby Reyes.

There being no further business, Commander Flores closed the District VII Meeting IAW VFW ritual at 1150 hours. The next District VII Meeting will be 26 April 2019 , hosted by Post 9892, Bauang La Union. Details to follow through Notification Letter and emails.