PT7 Minutes 08 August 2023

Opening formalities IAW with Grand By-laws and ritual completed. Scratch called to order at 1000 by Seam Squirrel Rhett Webber. 


Opening ceremonies for a regular meeting conducted in accordance with Grand By-Laws.


Opening prayers were given by Cootie Stevens.


Visitors and VIPs were recognized, 8 Cooties and 1 guest (Post 9892 Senior Vice Commander Brozowski were present.


Minutes from the last scratch were accepted.  Motion seconded by Cootie St. Onge and made by Cootie Bridges. Truly a work of art….NOT!


Membership Applications:  None

CCDB report:  Cootie Reyes provided a crummy report as always and everyone present agreed.   A motion was seconded by Cootie Aukshun, and made by Cootie Bridges, no discussion, motion approved. 


OFFICAL CORRESPONDANCE:  None, other than these lousy minutes!


COMRADE IN DISTRESS:  Cootie Ransom is still under medical care.




BILLS:  None


REMEMBER OUR NATIONAL HOME:  Prayer given by Cootie Stevens.



  • CCO:  Raffle tickets are now available for Cooties to sell.  Contact Cootie Aukshun for books of tickets.  Cootie Webber has ordered calendars to be sold at the event.


  • If you need a shag, contact Cootie Rhett Webber. He can have them made in Angeles City for about 600 pesos.  He can also have Cootie bags made for about 600 pesos.
  • We need to generate funds somehow, some way! Our next fund raiser is the Chili Cook Off and we will have a Cootie auction with donated items.  If you have something, anything that you want to contribute, let us know.
  • Pay your dues before the end of the year or we will talk bad about you in the meetings!
  • We are still discussing if we will have a swarm the day before the Chili Cookoff.

Hospital Report was submitted by Cootie Webber.

Hospital Report was submitted by Cootie Webber. A motion was seconded by Cootie Reyes and made by Cootie St. Onge to accept all committee reports, no discussion, motion approved.

VisitsCootiesPatientsHoursMilesGifts Totals
26 30 23 70 258 $2,263.80
30% Totals $4,141.52

50/50:       900 pesos

Winner:    450 pesos, Cootie Stevens

Put tent:   450 pesos

Fines: P750

Closing Ceremonies IAW Grand Ritual was done and scratch closed at 1045, Hooray! Cooties were ready to pass out!  Next scratch is 12 September, 2023 @10:00 hours, prior to the VFW Post 9892 meeting at the Elyu Grill and Rest Bar, National Highway, Barangay Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union.  Stay in touch with our post website to get an update on this adventure or maybe you could even talk to another Cootie that has that information!!